We won!

Hey CanSat-fans

As you may have already seen on our Instagram, we were in Bremen this week and started our CanSat. When we arrived on the first day in Bremen, everything was haywire: Our GPS didn´t find a signal and our finns, on which our sensors are stuck on, broke off when assembling. With a lot of tape and little sleep we enabled the flight.

The next day, we presented our satellite to the jury of the DLR. After that, it went to the technical inspection, luckily our CanSat met the requirements. Only the position of a single screw, had to be adapted, to not exceed the required height. After our CanSat got collected, we explored Bremen a little.

On Wednesday it was finally time, the start was imminent. It was rainy and cloudy, which made us worry in terms of the antenna. After a short interview with RTL-Nord our rocket started and disappeared in the clouds to a height of 618m (according to our sensors). But it was not long before we saw our satellite on his red parachute ground down. During the fall, we got live data throughout and everything looked like it was working. After the start, we evaluated the data until late at night, although we compared a lot with other teams from the same rocket. At this point, we would like to announce a big thank you to all the teams who supported each other, both on the first evening and in the evaluation of their data.

Thursday morning, the evaluation went a bit further, but then we drove to OHB, where all teams presented their results. Afterwards, we could relax for the first time and had a lot of fun bowling with the other teams.

Friday it was time: We packed our things and drove to the site of the Ariane Group, where after a very interesting tour, the award ceremony took place. Our excitement grew with each team that was named and when it became clear that we were in the top 3, we were thrilled. When the second and third places were announced and it was still not our tutn, we could not believe it. We won the German CanSat competition!

We are so incredibly happy and would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters, as well as our teachers, without whom we would never have made it this far.

By the way, on the way back to Wolfsburg, we already started to plan how we could modify our CanSat for the European competition, because with our victory we qualified for that.

Your CANone-Team

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