The first tests were successful

On the 2nd of April, we started a small trip to Brunswick. After a conversation with Kai Höfner from GAIA Aerospace, we went on to the Institute for flight Propulsion Systems and Turbomachinery. Afterwards, we took a break in the city center, before we went to a meeting of the ExperimentalRaketsInteressenGemeinschaft (ERIG). We received many suggestions for our recovery system that day and were able to further refine our planned procedure. With the many tips we have worked hard on improving the System. After some minor problems with the software everything works fine now. The ground station is slowly taking shape and the parachute’s first small tests with the dummy cans have been successful.

In addition, our self-designed postcard arrived by mail!

Recently we got a new supporter, EUROJET.

Your CANone team

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