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Dear CanSat fans,
some time has passed since the announcement of the 10 participants for the German CanSat competition. Since then, we have been committed to our project and find new useful ideas for improving our project every day. We have recently contacted some companies and have already won sponsors for our project. However, we would be pleased if there were any other companies that would support us, so that we can implement our project exactly as we imagine it to be. We have also been supported by the school. The Förderverein of our school supports us actively and wishes us a lot of success. Thank you for all the nice comments! In order to show presence on the internet as well, we decided as a team to make some social media accounts in order to present our progress in our project. We are on Instagram under the name “canonewob” and on Facebook and YouTube under the name “CANone” represented, but these are also linked to our website. However, the website that our group member Nico mainly works on is constantly being improved to keep you up to date on the competition and our progress. Our mentor, Ms. Hansmann, was recently introduced to a CanSat seminar in Bremen where she became familiar with the different techniques and systems we will be working with. Your CanSat team

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