Making progress

Hey CanSat fans since our first blog, a lot has happened: Firstly, we have assembled and soldered the primary mission. It consists of an Arduino-Pro-Micro with a thermometer, air pressure sensor, and a LoRa radio antenna and weighs just 20 grams. On the other hand, we have created a 3D model of the can and started printing it with a 3D printer. The inner dimensions of the box correspond to the required outside dimensions of the CanSat. The box is not the outer shell, but a kind of template, which allows us to make sure that our satellite has the right dimensions in the end. There are also developments in secondary mission in terms of the recovery. On Friday we ordered the sensors for the secondary mission, as well as a GPS module and a beeper. Beeper and GPS should enable us to easily find the CanSat after a successful mission. But such techniques are only useful if the can is found in one piece after landing. To enable a safe landing with the required speed, we have already calculated the size of the parachute. We plan to meet up with the ExperimentalRaumfahrtInteressenGemeinschaft (ERIG) next Tuesday to get some tips on parachute openings and material. If you want to take a look at the satellite, we posted some pictures of it on Instagram and Facebook. Links to our accounts can be found on our homepage

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